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Chattanooga "Elite" is just that.

Chattanooga, TN - After following and observing the Chattanooga Elite boys basketball program for a few weeks, the conclusion is they do not just have elite teams, they are an elite program. They have either won or been in at least the final 4 of almost every tournament they have participated in this spring all over the region, including a huge win in Myrtle Beach, SC. This includes just about every age division that they compete in, which has begun to get them national recognition from media outlets such as Future 150, On The Radar Hoops, and TN Prep Hoops. In a short time the program has already produced a DII AAU national championship (17u), and is looking to add another as the journey starts May-15-17, at the AAU state championship.

However, If you look deeper into the structure of the program you can truly understand organizationally what makes them an "elite" program. The board of directors itself is loaded with professional and successful community leaders made up of Pastors, doctors, lawyers, business professionals, educators, and coaches which all have a lot of experience and advice to offer to the youth they're mentoring. The majority of the leadership grew up in the same community, and has ties to it.

The Principles and philosophies that the Elite instill are to "Promote education through athletics" putting emphasis on basketball, education and leadership. In Fact, at least one athlete has been honored and awarded by the Times Free Press for leadership. It is these same principles taught that got Chattanooga Elite the recipient of the 2015 organizational "One with change" award presented by the Children's Advocacy Center of Hamilton County. Another principle of note is that they encourage athletes to explore all options and not just have a "div 1 or bust", attitude. In a city where the community is in a constant fight to save its youth, Chattanooga Elite Basketball stands at the forefront.

If you would like to donate to the Chattanooga Elite Basketball Program, click on the photo above.

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