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Best Student Athlete Ever?

-Cleveland, TN To say 2018 6'0 G Rhyne Howard has has an amazing high school career for the Bradley Central Bearettes would be an understatement. Howard scored her 1000th point in the district championship game on the same night she nails one of the most important shots in her life, a walk off 3-pointer to win. (see link below) In the Boys games, one would only have to average 13 pts a game, and typically in the junior year 1000 pts is achieved. However, a female high school basketball player who joins the annals of 1,000-point scorers... That is a story with different conflict and setting.

The girl's game is more methodically paced, normally more defensive in strategy, and as a result, lower scoring. In TN, for example, the top offensive girl's teams average about 11 fewer points per game than the top scoring boy's teams thus far this season. The thing is Rhyne Howard has not even completed her sophomore season, and she will only improve, putting her on pace to exceed the 2000 pt milestone (unheard of). Howard is one of the top 18's in the country, no questioning why she has received offers from South Carolina, Florida, and MTSU with at least 6 others with interest.

Perhaps what will separate Howard is not what she does on the court, but what she does in the classroom. Rhyne Howard has an almost perfect GPA at 3.9, and took the ACT for the first time as a freshman and scored an eye opening 20, in which the national average is close to 18. There is no question Howard is both an elite student and athlete, the question is only when 2018 arrives will she be the one of the best statistical student athletes ever from east Tennessee.

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