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#VSI2016 What we saw

May 30, 2016


 -Chattanooga, TN:  Things couldn't have been better at the 2nd annual Vol Specs Invitational.  The competition overall was exciting and there was plenty of talent on display.  There were game winning buzzer -beaters, a few upsets, and some unlikely heroes that did not go unnoticed at #VSI2016.  Here is a quick rundown of each division along with Team Vol Specs all-tournament team selection.


#VSI2016 Division




This division was probably the most surprising of all from the opening tip-off of Vol Specs Invitational.  In the exhibition game  Lady Ice pulled off the first upset of the weekend by defeating the TN Shock Orange.,


by bringing a consistent pressure defense that simply wears the opponent down throughout the duration of the game.  2022 Cascade Lady Mavericks came in and added competitive depth to the division and would eventually meet the Lady Ice in the championship game where the lady Ice would eventually hold off the fighting Mavericks and claim the championship.  TN Xtreme Kirk was a solid 2022 team, were often mismatched but not once gave up in any game, their heart is certainly not in question. Here are a few standouts from the division.


2022 5'2 PG Savannah Washington (Lady Ice)- Washington showed she has a high motor and is willing to lead by example, whether it was diving for loose balls, driving hard to the basket, or shooting the long ball. 


2021 5'8 PF Raijeria Bell (Lady Ice)- Bell was very impressive, uses her body to shield off opponents well, and shes an excellent rebounder.  Bell also brought toughness, and physicality to the front court.


2021 5'6 G Maliyah Davis (Lady Ice)- Davis has good size to play the 2 or 3 and showed her mid-range game is really good.  In a time where the "3 ball rules all" mentality is popular Davis seemed comfortable and consitantly knocked down 5-15 footers


2022 Eli Chumley G (Cascade)- Chumley is an accurate shooter and it was noted how textbook her shooting form was.  When Cascade needed a huge bucket, Chumley delivered.  


2022 Brooklyn Crouch F (Cascade)- Have to give Crouch credit, she was the "workhorse" for the lady Mavericks doing all of the dirty work required to get her team a win.



RUNNER UP: Cascade Mavericks





This 2019 division no doubt has some talent that will surely play at the next level, and provided some great games at Vol Specs Invitational.  The game of the weekend perhaps was won on a last second lay up that gave 2020 TN Xtreme the win and the number 1 seed heading into bracket play, in which the Bristol Pistols would eventually avenge the loss and claim the title.